IPA is a family owned voice and production studio run by husband and wife duo, Dr. Stefan Gordon and Michelle Lange. Dr. Gordon and Mrs. Lange are Americans living in Hong Kong while maintaining active professional careers in Asia, the United States, and in Europe.  
Voice Lessons and Music Style

Both Dr. Gordon and Mrs. Lange have extensively studied the differences (and similarities!) in singing classical, belt, and pop music. Indeed, Mrs. Lange spent two years working with one of the leading scholars on belt in pop and music theater. Both of our teachers also enjoy successful careers in opera. As such, we are comfortable teaching in all styles of voice. 

Performances, Concerts, and Corporate Gigs

Dr. Gordon and Mrs. Lange perform regularly in Hong Kong and abroad. For more information, feel free to click on their names here and check out their personal webpages or contact us for a quote or more information