We offer private voice lessons in Hong Kong and beyond via video lessons


We hold five different degrees in voice and have taken lessons directly from teachers who trace their heritage back to the Italian Bel Canto masters. Our operatic career spans four languages and three continents, with over 300 shows between the two of us. Our goal is to empower you to sing with your very best voice in a healthy and sustainable fashion, while reaching deep into your soul to express the poetry of days gone by. From beginning singers to seasoned professionals who just want to check in, our teachers can help you find your optimum vocal technique.


After years of studying with one of the premiere belt specialists in the United States, we have learned how to use style to adjust traditional classical voice techniques to even the most extreme belt in Music Theatre. In addition to vocal technique, we can help guide you through acting and stagecraft. Whether you crave the golden age of the old classics or the newest shows on Broadway, we can help guide you.


Loving that belt sound? The same principles that apply to singing in modern Music Theatre will carry you into the ability to have a long, healthy career singing a variety of different pop genres. Bring in your favorite artists and styles and we'll help you learn to find your own voice and sing with health and ease without losing the style that keeps you dancing each time you put your headphones in.


Most of our students aren't looking at a full career in music. There have been numerous studies to show how studying music is beneficial to human development. We firmly believe that music performance builds character, leadership skills, discipline, enhances public speaking, and generally builds the leaders of tomorrow. Additionally, music has the ability to heal broken souls. We create a curriculum with the student that will help them maximize their potential while enjoying the music they love.


Courses are available for Classical Voice and new Music Theatre curriculum

IPA's teachers are active performers, meaning about once a term we are traveling internationally for performances. Taking from a teacher with an active performing career means taking from a teacher who is constantly learning and connecting to what is going on in music today. It also means plugging in to a network of other international performers, teachers, and Universities. 

Here is a complete list of our payment and cancellation policies:

50 min lessons - $800 hkd

30 min lessons - $500 hkd

An additional charge will be levied for in-home lessons. In home lessons are taught at the discretion of each teacher

Lesson fees are due for each month at the first lesson of the month

Lessons canceled by the student with more than 24 hours notice will be made up at the earliest convenience of the teacher and student

Lessons canceled within 24 hours by the student will not be entitled to a makeup lesson and the fee will not be reimbursed. Exceptions will be made for student illness

All student canceled makeup lessons expire one month after the original cancellation date

Lessons canceled by the teacher will be substituted with another teacher OR if you prefer, credited with a make up credit and made up at the earliest convenience of the teacher and student. These credits do not expire

Lesson fees are due at the time lessons are taught

Late fees:

Lessons not paid within 7 days will be subject to a 100 hkd late fee

Lessons not paid within 14 days will be subject so a 200 hkd late fee and lessons will be put on hold until a payment is made